When families look for vacation rentals, there are a wide variety of choices.  You want your rental to stand out amongst the crowd.  Even more than that, once you have secured a booking, you want your guests to have a wonderful experience.  Referrals and positive reviews can make or break your rental.  We can help ensure that your rental property is attractive to potential guests and has everything the guests will need for an enjoyable stay.

Marison Properties is proud to offer consulting services for short-term vacation rentals. We have identified several key factors which affect the profitability potential for rental properties. All of our managed homes benefit from a free initial consultation and subsequent implementation of the suggestions.  

There are many owners who choose to manage their own vacation rental, but would like to explore options for increasing their bookings and therefore their profit. If you are interested in a consultation, please contact us to schedule an appointment. This service includes an initial meeting and inspection of the property followed by our detailed report.  Let us help your property stand out in the best possible way.