• Exterior

    • Pressure Wash
    • Clean up miscellaneous trash and take to dump
    • Small area of the roof is pulling up above the master bathroom toilet
    • Large hole in the exterior wall above the master bathtub
    • Replace pool screens (20 screens)
    • Replace both pool door closing mechanisms (one missing, one broken)
    • Dry rot on the overhang
    • Pool needs to be cleaned
    • Remove the dog door and replace with screen
    • Remove the wood fence put up for dogs
    • Pressure wash the pool deck (possibly paint)
    • Clear the pool deck of all miscellaneous trash and take to the dump
    • Replace the small fence around the A/C unit (posts seem good)
    • Landscaping



    • Replace door lock and handle
    • Paint


  1. Kitchen

    • Paint
    • Possibly one new light fixture
    • Will test appliances on Monday when power is turned back on
    • Refridgerator is a Kenmore
    • Dishwasher is a Whirlpool
    • Stove is a Whirlpool
    • Microwave is a GE
    • (all appliances are black and silver)

Living Room

  1. Dining Room

    • Paint
    • Patch holes

Dining Room

  1. Dining Room

    • Paint
    • Patch holes

1st Bedroom

    • New blinds
    • Door (either replace with a solid door or clean the windows in the existing french door)
    • -Patch holes

Hallway & Closet


  • Paint

2nd Beedroom

  • Bedroom 2

    • New blinds
    • Paint
    • Patch holes

Master Bedroom

  • Patch holes (large hole behind door)
  • Paint
  • Fix ceiling

Master Bath

Master Bathroom

  • Fix ceiling
  • Replace bathtub fixtures
  • New shower head
  • Steam clean
  • Possibly new medicine cabinets

Guest Bath

Bathroom 2

  • Paint
  • Patch holes
  • Replace light fixture
  • New shower head
  • New medicine cabinet

3rd Bedroom

  1. Bedroom 4


                -Patch holes

4th Bedroom

  • Paint
  • Patch holes
  • New blinds
  • new ceiling fan
  • new door
  • either new handles for the closet doors or new doors

Laundry Room

  1. Laundry Room

                -Needs a washer and dryer


                -Patch holes

                -decide whether or not to keep shelves


  1. Garage

                -Side door has dry rot along the bottom.  Needs to be removed and replaced.

                -Needs a new side door

                -One double faceplate is needed

                -Fire extinguisher must be brought up to code

                -Haul away all trash to the dump